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Men's DII Club Latest, Bracket
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The nationwide club restructure is making its debut this season, and we've mapped out the road to the postseason for DII men. There are eight competitive regions, whose champions advance to the national quarterfinals. Here’s a look at CR playoffs, and what teams are in the driver’s seat for postseason berths.

NCR1 (Midwest)

All regular season play was done in the fall. The West conference was split into two divisions – North and South. The top two teams from each crossed over against each other in the quarterfinals. The East conference was split into two divisions, as well – Ohio/Pennsylvania and Michigan/Indiana, and they also crossed over against each other.

All four of the top seeded teams advanced from the quarterfinals, and the semifinals will feature the Eastside Banshees taking on Wisconsin while the Detroit Tradesman battle Cleveland Eastern Suburbs.

April 12
QF: Eastside Banshees 24-7 South Side Irish
QF: Wisconsin 31-8 St. Paul Jazz Pigs
QF: Detroit Tradesmen 36-12 Pittsburgh
QF: Cleveland Eastern Suburbs 29-27 Indianapolis Impalas

April 26
SF: Eastside vs. Wisconsin
SF: Detroit vs. Cleveland

May 3
Final: Winner vs. Winner

NCR2 (old South)
There are three conferences in this CR – True South, Carolinas and Florida. The two DII teams in Georgia, Atlanta Renegades and Atlanta Old White, are playing in the Carolinas. Since the Carolinas are hosting the CR semifinals and finals in Charlotte May 3-4, they get a second bid to the championship weekend.

Charlotte and Atlanta Old White advanced out of the Carolinas/Georgia conference and will meet for the third time this season. Chattanooga cruised through the True South and will battle Miami, the Florida champion. Miami clinched the Florida title with a 37-10 defeat of Ft. Lauderdale.

May 3-4 – Charlotte, NC
SF: Charlotte vs. Atlanta Old White
SF: Chattanooga vs. Miami
Final: Winner vs. Winner

NCR3 (old Mid-Atlantic)
Two conferences – Capitol and Eastern Penn. The top four teams from each advanced to the quarterfinals.

In the Capitol, only two teams missed out on the CR quarterfinals. Rocky Gorge went undefeated claiming the top spot, while Washington, Washington Irish and Richmond finished 2nd 3rd and 4th respectively.

In the Eastern Penn, Wilmington took first ahead of Doylestown. Media and Lancaster took the final two spots. Rocky Gorge was the only Capitol team to advance to the semifinals.

April 12
QF: Wilmington 68-14 Richmond
QF: Doylestown 73-38 Washington Irish
QF: Rocky Gorge 76-7 Lancaster
QF: Media over Washington

April 26-27 - Wilmington, Del.
SF: Wilmington vs. Media
SF: Doylestown vs. Rocky Gorge

Winner vs. Winner

NCR4 (old Northeast)
In the Empire, top seeded Monmouth beat Union 81-24 while Buffalo upended Princeton 25-22 in the CR quarterfinals. A week later Portland and New Haven punched their tickets to the semis.

QF: New Haven 27-17 Amoskeag
QF: Portland 26-14 Hartford
QF: Monmouth 81-24 Union
QF: Buffalo 25-22 Princeton

SF: Monmouth vs. Buffalo
SF: New Haven vs. Portland

May 3 - New York
Final: Winner vs. Winner

ACR1 (old Pacific Coast)

Northern California and the Pacific Northwest make up this competitive region. The Pacific Northwest championship went to Snake River after they defeated ORSU. Snake River plays the winner of Northern California.

PNW SF: Snake River 52-17 Pacific Rover
PNW SF: ORSU 32-23 Axemen
PNW Final: Snake River 22-8 ORSU

In Northern California, the Blackhawks and Vacaville will play Saturday for the league title and the right to face Snake River.

May 3
Final: Snake River v NorCal #1

ACR2 (old Southern California)
Two conferences – Southern California and Arizona/New Mexico.

Southern California is an 11-team conference decided by a traditional league table with a four-team playoff at the end. Oceanside and Pasadena won the semifinals and will meet Saturday to see who moves on to play in the ACR2 Championship.

The other conference is split into divisions across state lines. The top two teams in Arizona played the top two teams in New Mexico in a semifinal/final format April 19-20, with Tempe finishing atop the pile.

April 19/20
QF: Oceanside 33-23 Huntington Beach
QF: Pasadena 62-0 North County Gurkas
QF Tempe 65-7 El Paso
QF: Red Mountain 46-20 Albuquerque

SF: Oceanside vs. Pasadena (April 26)
SF: Tempe 21-15 Red Mountain (April 20)

May 3
Final: Tempe vs. SoCal champ

ACR3 (old West minus Texas)
Mid-America and Eastern Rockies are the two conferences. Both have split seasons, so they played a chunk of games in the fall and the rest in the spring. The top two teams in each table advanced to semifinals.

In the Eastern Rockies, Glendale finished first, and the Park City Haggis wound up second after a spring stumble.

Because the Mid-America has just four teams (St. Louis Ramblers the fourth) each team was charged with playing two out-of-conference games against DII competition that would count toward the league table. No two teams played the same out-of-conference opponents.

Kansas City wound up winning the league with a 7-1 record, and the St. Louis Bombers finished second at 6-2.

May 3-4 – Glendale, Colo.
SF: Glendale vs. St. Louis Bombers
SF: Kansas City vs. Park City Haggis
Final: Winner vs. Winner

ACR4 (Texas)
Three conferences. Two of them, the North and South, played home-and-away against conference rivals and home-or-away against inter-conference opponents. The third conference, made up of DI second sides (DI-B), is completely autonomous.

The three conference winners and a wild-card advance to the playoff. The wildcard goes to the second place team with the highest percentage of possible league points.

In the North, Oklahoma City jumped out to an early lead but could not sustain the momentum down the stretch. Little Rock ended up winning the division, with Tulsa finishing in second.

HURT secured the South Division title with a 9-1 record.

The DI-B Division is still up for grabs with one week left. The only game that matters is the Austin Blacks vs. the Austin Huns. If the Blacks so much as tie or score two bonus points in a loss, they're the DI-B champs. If they're held to less than two points, the Dallas Reds are the champs. Either way, the wildcard goes to the DI-B second-place team, so the the Blacks and Reds are in, as they both currently have a higher percentage of possible league points than the second-place teams in the other two divisions.

Seeding for the Red River semifinals and finals are also determined by percentage of maximum possible points, so HURT is the top seed and will face the DI-B runner up. Little Rock will finish second or third and face the DI-B champion.

May 3-4
SF: HURT vs. Austin Blacks/Dallas Reds
SF: Little Rock vs. Austin Blacks/Dallas Reds
Final: Winner vs. Winner

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CRC Pools Set
Tournaments - USA 7s CRC

The Collegiate Rugby Championship 7s tournament has finalized its pools for the upcoming event May 30-June 1 at PPL Park in Chester, Pa.

The last two losing finalists, Life University and Arizona, are placed in a pool together, along with Penn and Virginia Tech.

Two-time winners Dartmouth head up Pool B along with local favorites Kutztown and St. Joseph's, and four-time CRC team Notre Dame, who made the Plate Final in 2013.

Last year's champions, Cal, face Drexel, Maryland, and Temple in Pool A, while Navy heads up a tough Pool C with Big 10 winners Ohio State, as well as Michigan and Texas.

Pool D includes locals Penn State, along with 2013 semifinalists UCLA, 2013 Bowl winners Northeaster, and debutants South Carolina.

CRC Pools

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King's Point Hosts Poseidon Cup
Tournaments - Tournaments

This weekend the United States Merchant Marine Academy will host rugby teams three other Military Academies for a tournament at shortened 15s games at King's Point, NY.

The United States Military Academy, United States Naval Academy, and United States Coast Guard Academy will all join the USMMA Saturday. The US Air Force Academy had a prior commitment, but hopes are that they will be able to participate in coming years.

The Academies play for the "President's Cup" in football in October and November. This single-day tournament will be for the Poseidon Cup, with a format of shortened, 40-minute games allowing the entire event to be completed in one day.

For more on the tournament click here.

Poseidon Cup

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Details for PRP Final Set
Clubs - Top Club Leagues

The Pacific Rugby Premiership has confirmed that the inaugural PRP Championship game will be held Saturday, May 17 at 3pm at Infinity Park, Glendale, Colo.

Rugby fans in the Denver area will be happy to know that the hometown Glendale Raptors have already secured a place in the final, having clinched the sport after their 24-14 defeat of OMBAC this past weekend.

Who will be the Raptors' opponents? That has not been confirmed. SFGG is on the inside track, and needs only a single bonus point to clinch. So, anything from a close loss, to a loss where they score four tries, to a tie or a victory will make this Glendale v SFGG. Belmont Shore remains in the hunt.

Tickets at the gate are $10, with pre-sale tickets 10% off at $9.

For more on the final, click here.

PRP Final

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Video Highlights PRP Glendale v OMBAC Round 12
MultiMedia - Shows and Highlights

PRPThe Glendale Raptors look to clinch a spot in the PRP final as they visit OMBAC April 19.

Here are highlights.

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